Having attended two of Janet Pearsonís workshops, I was so pleased to have the opportunity to read and review her book. As someone who designs and presents workshops, I am aware of the work that goes into the preparation and presentation Ė Janet is a natural presenter, providing you with essential information, intelligent explanation, plenty to think about afterwards, humour, and in one instance, chocolate cake!
Her book reflects her dedication to helping others Ė like her workshops, it flows along and at the end you are reluctant to leave, wanting more, and itís not just about the cake. When helping someone, itís useful to ask questions, to get them thinking, to allow the query to settle into the conscious and sub-conscious. Janet asks three questions on the cover alone which will draw you into the mind-set ideal for working with what is inside the book: If I told you right now that there is absolutely nothing that canít happen in your life, would you believe me? Why live a life that is ordinary? What are you waiting for?
Janetís writing style flows, and she takes you along in a gentle thoughtful way; you are encouraged to let go of whatever is keeping you static, and acknowledge that within you is a power greater than you could have imagined. Every time I encountered a question in the book, I took time to wait for my heart to answer before reading on. I found encouragement, truth and validation along the way.
Explore, dream, create; look at yourself and the world in different ways; open your heart and let Janet guide you as you transform your life from the ordinary to the epic. Whether or not you have lost your way, if you havenít even begun your journey, or your path is almost at an end Ė I unconditionally recommend this book.

Written by Christina Drummond


Legend That You Are by Janet Pearson, a highly spiritual book presents ideas drawn from what appears to be ancient wisdom and it is a book that will resonate with readers intent on making life changes. Readers who are truth seekers or have a penchant for the metaphysical will find this book appealing and relevant.

The thematic structure of the book helps make it readable and accessible to all kinds of audiences. Another feature of the book that enhances the experience for readers is the inclusion of the author's personal reflections presented in italicized narratives and used to illustrate and underscore the concepts presented in each thematic section of the book. I loved the motivational and inspirational nature of the book that addresses compelling questions raised by individuals on a spiritual quest and seeking answers for themselves. The insight presented delves deeply into metaphysical thought and I appreciated how the author translates abstract ideas into concrete reflections on a myriad of themes.

In this sense, Legend That You Are by Janet Pearson is well-realized as a new age artifact and the author has done an excellent job at organizing ideas that flow seamlessly as if she had already anticipated the age old questions that might plague her readers. Further, the author includes enlightening epigraphs drawn from the minds of some of the world's greatest thinkers and the addition of the epigraphs is quite effective in shedding light on the ideas presented, and will surely lead readers to undertake further reflection.

I'm clear this book may also have a therapeutic and healing effect as it touches upon understanding the interconnectedness of all things, and leads readers to greater self-reflection.

Written by Jackie Herman-O'Neal
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