Legend That You Are delves into the wisdom of the ages to encourage people to discover their unique and personal magnificence that is waiting to be written as their lives. It reminds us that life contains infinite possibilities and when we are filled with wonder and gratitude, we open doors to new realms. Imagination is our greatest resource for revealing the profound marvel of our pure potential. Remembering that we are part of a greater whole with a magnitude beyond belief, we are able to face challenges and celebrate our lives with grace.

This book is for everyone who knows that there must be more to life than what they are experiencing, but is unsure about how to change what seems to be the repeating patterns of their day-to-day existence. My life totally changed in the process of writing it, giving me confidence that we all have the ability to reawaken the source of joy within ourselves, trust our intuition and express our most amazing selves.


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Diary of a Cleanse documents Janet's journey on a 28 day cleanse in the summer of 2008. In it she discusses what people can expect from doing an extended intestinal cleanse and she compares her experiences from having done seven different cleanses. It is full of information, tips and insights. PRINT EDITION



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